Constable Kenny Koala is the friendly face of our program with a serious purpose — to teach children about safety, and to keep them safe for life.

We get children thinking about safety as early as possible, so we start teaching them the basics at three years of age. That means we can build their knowledge right up until the age of 12, with a good understanding of all the dangers they could be presented with, how they can avoid trouble and who they can turn to for help.

Our program extends to visits to schools, youth groups and local community events, and we help bridge the gap between the community and police.

Our program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Presentation themes include road safety, community care, cyber safety, decision making and consequences, and protective behaviours. The presentations take 30 minutes, except for Decision Making and Consequences, which takes 45 minutes.

Schools are encouraged to book three sessions at the beginning of the year, two if they book mid-year and one if they book at the end of the year.