Children are our most vulnerable road users because of their unpredictability which can expose them to risk when around traffic. We know that children can be curious and keen to explore their surroundings. However their limited understanding of safety and tendency to focus on what is important to them can be dangerous. These factors coupled with their developing understanding of sound, distance and speed puts them at risk around traffic.

Our road safety presentations aim to address the social, physical and cogitative factors which put children at risk. The road safety presentation shows children how to put on a seatbelt and explain its purpose. Constable Kenny demonstrates how to cross a road safely following the road rules and explain the steps involved. As children get older and begin to travel on roads without a parent or guardian, Constable Kenny provides more complex information so they can make good decisions when walking or riding bikes, scooters or skateboards on or near busy roads.

In Term One 2017 is delivering a new 'Stay OK on the road' program with four northside schools participating. These schools will be delivered a special presentation and receive free high-visibility vests from Constable Kenny as part of the high-visibility vest pilot program.


Visit our YouTube channel for Constable Kenny Koala road safety videos for a range of age groups.

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The Kids and Traffic website is a resource providing early childhood road safety education provided by the Macquarie University, is funded by the NSW Centre for Road Safety and is part of its road safety education program. The website contains road safety resources, fact sheets, projects and other import information for families.

Kidsafe ACT website is a part of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, a charity dedicated to preventing unintentional injury to children. The website provides information for parents on a range of road safety themes including child restraint laws, teaching children to ride bikes, avoiding car and pedestrian collisions involving children. There is also information for parents to help choose appropriate child restraints, bikes and helmets for their children. There are activities for children on safety themes available for download on the website.