1 Sep 2017


Today marks a very special day in my life, yep, you guessed it, it’s my birthday! What you might not have guessed is my age! I am indeed turning 42 years of age. A very young 42 that is!

I’m so excited to be spending it with my best mates doing all my favourite things. I’ll be kicking back sipping eucalyptus smoothies with Cassie, snapping Instagram-worthy selfies with Ellie, riding around town (in full protective gear of course) with Kev, and perhaps Tilly will give me a birthday kiss.

As you might be aware, I have already had a big year having changed handlers with the departure of my good friend Stewart Waters. Rest assured though, I’m already loving spending time with David Packwood and getting to know all his quirks. I have a good feeling we are going to be very close mates!

On days like these I like to have a think back and reflect on some of my favourite memories I have enjoyed here at ACT Policing.

Everyone knows I love a good chin wag! As much as I love mingling with school kids every day and sharing some very special and often laugh out loud (LOL) moments with them. I also love attending community events such as the ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show and the National Multicultural Festival where I can chat with the bigger kids, who I must say, can definitely rival their smaller counterparts in regards to excitement levels.

Another special memory is when I have had the privilege of spending time with children who are doing it a little tough. To be able to spread a little cheer to these little champions is something I feel very honoured to be able to do.

If I could have one birthday wish it would be that you all have a fantastic day today and whatever you may be doing this weekend, Stay OK!


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