Constable Kenny Koala has been a visible figure in the ACT for more than 30 years.

Constable Kenny first appeared on Canberra television on 1 September 1975 as a guest in a show called Junior Police 7, which aired on Capital television. 'Senior' Police 7 was a community service program of police news that was shown once a week. Junior Police 7 was the version for kids.

Since then, Constable Kenny has become a popular character at Canberra events and school fetes, delivering safety messages to more than 20 000 each year through school visits.

His character is influenced by his 'frantic' nature. There's never enough time to do things, and he's always just remembering something he was meant to do! His character evolved this way because originally, when he was a guest on Junior Police 7, he'd always get things wrong, and the host, a police woman, would have to correct him. In this way, kids were able to identify with Constable Kenny and his faults.

Constable Kenny likes anything that is Australian, especially Vegemite. But he really does love gum leaf pies with gum nut cream, and has eucalyptus sandwiches for lunch. When he wants a real treat, he has a eucalyptus milkshake.

Constable Kenny grew up in Blue Gum Lane, in the Corin forest. His parents died in a fire which was accidently lit, but because someone was careless with matches. That's why he turned to crime-fighting and making sure children know how to be and stay safe. He now works out of the local police station.

He loves skateboarding and bike riding, and he has a Rip Stick, but he spends more time on his bottom that on the stick!

Constable Kenny is not an authoritarian figure; he's a friend, he is reassuring and engaging.