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Constable Kenny Koala

How can I stay in touch and keep up-to-date with Constable Kenny Koala program developments?

Regularly visit the Constable Kenny website or sign up to the Constable Kenny quarterly newsletter.

How do I purchase a Constable Kenny Koala collectable bear?

The Constable Kenny Koala collectable bear is sold by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Legacy. AFP Legacy was set up to perpetuate the memory of AFP officers killed in the line of duty, and to raise funds for worthwhile charitable purposes. You can contact AFP Legacy and place an order by sending an email to AFPLegacy@afp.gov.au.

Teacher's bookings

What do I need to know before booking a school visit for Constable Kenny?

You can book school presentations on the following topics:
• Protective Behaviours
• Traffic and Road Safety
• Community Care
• Cyber-safety (years three to six)
• Decision Making and Consequences (years five and six).

The presentations take 30 minutes, except for Decision Making and Consequences, which takes 45 minutes. For more information visit the teachers section of the website.

How do I book a school visit?

The easiest and quickest way to book a school visit for Constable Kenny is via the booking form. You can also call 1800 2 KENNY (1800 253 669) to speak to a member of staff to help you with your booking.

I am having a reoccurring issue at my school. Can Constable Kenny visit to talk to the children about it?

Constable Kenny only provides proactive messages and does not mention specific incidents that have occurred. His safety presentations do cover a broad range of topics and it is recommended schools see if the issue they are experiencing falls within one of the presentations.

Presentations are not able to be changed, edited or combined to suit the audience. If the issue is of a serious nature a request can be forwarded to communityrequests@afp.gov.au asking for a police officer to attend the school and address the specific issue.

Do I have to book three sessions, or can I just book one?

Schools are encouraged to book three sessions at the beginning of the year, two if they book mid-year and one if they book at the end of the year. By booking early each year, you will ensure Constable Kenny can visit on the day and time you require. Childcare centres and preschools are only required to make one booking but can book more if they wish. Make a booking today.

Does the Constable Kenny program align with the ACT Government and national curriculum?

Yes, the Constable Kenny Koala program has been linked with Every Chance to Learn — Curriculum Framework for the ACT (ACT Government 2008). Australia is currently drafting a national curriculum. Once this is introduced, the Constable Kenny resources will be aligned with the new national curriculum.

Can Constable Kenny Koala visit our preschool or childcare?What does the visit usually entail?

Yes, Constable Kenny does visit preschools and childcare centres. Constable Kenny will give a safety presentation on the topic chosen by the class teacher. Depending on time, Constable Kenny Koala also shows children his police car, which they always love.

Preschools and childcare centres are only required to make one booking but you can book more if you wish. Make a booking today.

Does the Constable Kenny program have teacher's aids and education resources you can provide to us?

Yes, children's work books and teacher manuals are downloadable and available from the teachers section of the website.

Community events

How do I book Constable Kenny for a fete, community event or after hours event?

Email a request through to communityrequests@afp.gov.au with the date and time of the event, information about the event, how many people you expect to attend and the audience attending (For example: young families, children 3-5 years of age, children 5-12 years of age).

Parent's information

How can I reinforce the Constable Kenny Koala program lessons at home?

Visit the Constable Kenny website with your children and encourage them to complete the activities and watch the videos which reinforce the safety messages Constable Kenny presents at schools. You can also sign up for the Constable Kenny quarterly newsletter .