Have you met Constable Kenny's friends? They are very loyal and caring, as all good friends should be. Kenny's group of friends work together to teach children how to stay safe, and each one has a different role to play.


Tilly the koala!

Tilly the Koala

My name is Tilly and I am Constable Kenny's girlfriend. I'm a park ranger and love the great outdoors. When Kenny is at work teaching kids, I'm usually in the middle of the bush looking after the animals and plants.

Tilly is great at helping kids stay OK in the community.

Kev the kangaroo!

Kev the Kangaroo

I'm Kev the kangaroo and I'm one of Constable Kenny's oldest friends. I'm a mailman and ride around on my motorbike delivering mail, which means I have to be extra careful on the roads every day.

Kev is an expert on road rules and how to stay OK on the road.

Ellie the echidna!

Ellie the Echidna

I'm Ellie the echidna and I went to bush school with Constable Kenny. I love computers and inventing things. It's important when you are on the computer to make sure you keep yourself safe.

Ellie can also show you how to stay OK on the computer.

Superintendent Cassie koala!

Cassie the Koala

I'm Superintendent Cassie koala and I'm Constable Kenny's supervisor and friend at ACT Policing. I have been a police officer for more than 30 years.

Cassie koala is great at giving advice on how to stay OK for life.