Police want you to feel safe at school. School is a place where you should be having fun with your friends and teachers, and learn new things. Staying OK at school means feeling safe at school, following the rules and knowing where to get help if you are in trouble.

 It's also important that you think about other people around you at school — friends, teachers and brothers and sisters. Kids also need to think about the school grounds and how they can care for the environment and keep it clean for others to enjoy.

There's lots of stuff here to help you stay OK at school.

top tips

  • listen to and respect your teachers because they are responsible for your safety
  • if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your parents or teacher (or a trusted adult) 
  • if someone hurts you, tell your parents or teacher (or a trusted adult) 
  • never leave school with someone you don't know 
  • make sure your parents know where you are after school 
  • learn your parent's mobiles number and your address 
  • think about your friend's feelings and safety before acting 
  • don't let your friends pressure you to do anything
  • look after school property and don't graffiti or litter.