The road can be a dangerous place. There are lots of cars travelling quickly who might not see you. Police want kids to be really careful when they around cars on the road, in the driveway or a car park. It's important to be careful on the road and look out for younger kids at school or at the bus stop.

When you are in the car, you can keep yourself safe by wearing your seatbelt. Wearing your helmet will also keep you safe on your bike or scooter. There's lots of stuff here to teach you how to stay ok on the road.

top tips

  • wear your seatbelt in the car
  • wear your helmet when riding your bike, rollerblades, skateboard or scooter
  • don't use headphones when you are out riding so you can hear what is happening around you, especially near roads
  • don't play on the road or driveway
  • be careful around cars on the drive way or road
  • stop, look, listenandthinkbefore you cross the road
  • use children's crossings when crossing the road at school
  • wait for the green man/walk sign before crossing the road at the lights
  • use underpasses, footbridges and footpaths where possible.