Police patrol the community to help keep the community safe. Police are responsible for roads and traffic, people who break the law and missing people.

Constable Kenny visits schools to teach kids about how the can stay safe and what to do if something happens and they need help.There are lots of tips here to help you keep your friends and family safe to. 

top tips

  • stay close to your parents when you are out 
  • make sure you look out for younger brothers and sisters
  • know your address and parent's mobile numbers 
  • don't speak to adults you don't know 
  • don't take toys or food from people you don't know 
  • make sure your parents always know where you are 
  • if you get separated from your parents, find someone you can trust wearing a uniform like a police officer or shop keeper 
  • it is always ok to say no if you feel uncomfortable
  • if a stranger makes you feel unsafe, tell a trusted adult straight away.