Hi, I'm Constable Kenny Koala. I have lots of tips for kids to stay safe at school, on the road and in the community. I even have tips on staying safe on the computer and how you can make good life decisions.

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Some questions Constable Kenny has answered:

Tom, age 9 asked Kenny: Sometimes at my school there is a lot of rubbish on the ground can you tell me what I should do?

Kenny said: Hello Tom, thank you for asking me this important question. I get lots of questions about littering and what you can do to help keep your school clean. The first thing you can do is tell your teacher if you find a spot in the playground that has lots of rubbish. Your teacher might be able to tell a cleaner, or maybe they can encourage the class to put on some gloves and help clean it up. The best thing you and your friends can do is put your rubbish in the bin and tell a teacher if you see anything unusual on the ground. Kids need to think about the school grounds and how they can care for the environment and keep it clean for others to enjoy.

Sally, age 11 asked Kenny: Hello Kenny, it was my birthday last week and I got a brand new scooter! I know I have to wear a helmet when I ride my bike, but do I have to wear one when I ride my scooter? I have already asked my mum and dad and they said yes.

Kenny said: Hello Sally, I hope you had a happy birthday! I am excited for my birthday which is on the 1st September. That is a great question. And your Mum and Dad are exactly right, you DO have to wear a helmet on your scooter. You have to wear your helmet every time you ride your bike, your scooter, if you have rollerblades or a skateboard as well. A helmet protects you if you fall off and they also look really cool! Always remember to look out for other cars on the road too and stick to the footpath.

Kelly, age 12 asked Kenny: Hi Kenny, I loved when you came to my school and taught us about the police and how to stay safe. Do you think I could be a police officer one day?

Kenny said: Hello Kelly. I was very glad to chat to you and your classmates at your school! Being a police officer is a wonderful job and I love almost everything about it! It is a hard job talking to people who have done the wrong thing, but mostly it is great keeping everyone safe and teaching people about the law. You can become a police officer when you are an adult and old enough to drive a car, and you also need lots of skills to be part of the police like being fit and healthy.