Hi, I'm Constable Kenny Koala. I have lots of tips for kids to stay safe at school, on the road and in the community. I even have tips on staying safe on the computer and how you can make good life decisions.

Do you have a question you'd like to ask me? I love getting questions from children.

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Some questions Constable Kenny has answered:

Sarah, age 6 asked Kenny: Hi Kenny, what is it like being a police officer?

Kenny said: Hello Sarah, thank you for sending me your question. I think being a police officer is the BEST job in the world. I get to talk to boys and girls all day and teach them how to stay safe. I also like driving around in the police car and putting on the sirens and flashing lights when we need to go places very quickly.

Joe, age 7 asked Kenny: Kenny, why do I have to wear a seatbelt to school?

Kenny said: Hi Joe, that is a very, very good question. Every time we get in the car we have to remember to put our seatbelt on. Seatbelts are VERY important. Even when the car is not going very fast they are important because seatbelts strap us in and make sure we don't move around the car. If something on the road happens and the driver has to stop quickly, a seatbelt makes sure we stay in place. Always remember to "Click, click, clack"!

Jake, age 8 asked Kenny: Kenny what is your favourite flavour of ice-cream?

Kenny said: Hello Jake, thanks for your question. I LOVE ice-cream! When I am not out working with the other police officers to help other kids stay safe, I like to take a break and have some eucalyptus ice-cream with the other koalas. I also like chocolate ice-cream but that is harder to find in the bush where I live.