Hi, I'm Constable Kenny Koala. I have lots of tips for kids to stay safe at school, on the road and in the community. I even have tips on staying safe on the computer and how you can make good life decisions.

Do you have a question you'd like to ask me? I love getting questions from children.

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Some questions Constable Kenny has answered:

James, age 3 asked Kenny: Hi Kenny, what do koalas eat?

Kenny said: Hello James, I like anything that is Australian, especially Vegemite. But I really do love gum leaf pies with gum nut cream, and I have eucalyptus sandwiches for lunch. When I want a real treat, I have a eucalyptus milkshake.

Elly, age 4 asked Kenny: Kenny where do you live?

Kenny said: Hello Elly. I grew up in Blue Gum Lane in the Kowen forest. My mum and dad died in a fire which was accidently lit, because someone was careless with matches. That's why I turned to crime-fighting to make sure children know how to be and stay safe. I now stay in the bush and work at the local police station.

Sam, age 5 asked Kenny: Hello Kenny, what are your favourite things to do?

Kenny said: Hi Sam. My favourite thing to do is visiting different schools and events and talking to children. I also love skateboarding and bike riding, and I also have a Rip Stick, which is so fun!